Other Reporting Options


Contact Your Supervisor

In most circumstances, a member of the MIT community with concerns about policy violations or allegations of wrongdoing should first contact his or her immediate supervisor.

Other Offices for Reporting Concerns

The following list of offices are alternatives for reporting concerns. Many of these offices will maintain the confidentiality of the reporter but are better able to respond to complaints that are not completely anonymous. People who wish to file anonymous complaints should use the reporting hotline.

Ombuds Office

The MIT Ombuds Office helps people express concerns, resolve disputes, manage conflicts, and learn more productive ways of communicating.

Human Resources

Human Resources assists with employment and workplace concerns.

Environmental Health and Safety

The EHS Office responds to concerns about environmental health and safety.

Information Systems & Technology

IS&T responds to issues about data security and inappropriate use of email or websites.

Research Administration Services

Research Administration Services responds to issues and concerns related to sponsored research at MIT.

Institute Discrimination & Harassment Response Office

The Institute Discrimination & Harassment Response Office receives and investigates complaints about discrimination and discriminatory harassment, including sexual misconduct, intimate partner violence, and stalking.

Internal Audit

The Audit Division is available to investigate concerns about MIT's business practices, including financial irregularities.

MIT Police

The MIT Police is the primary contact for all emergencies on campus and investigates allegations of criminal activity. 

Risk Management & Compliance Services

Risk Management & Compliance Services can assist with questions about MIT's use of the EthicsPoint hotline as well as general compliance issues.